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Corporate Accommodation

Corporate Accommodation

Jackwood Travel are accommodation providers to a whole range of corporate clients and include industries such as wind farming engineers, supermarket facilities, governmental departments and film production companies to name a few.

We take care of the booking and payment of all the accommodations, cleaning schedules and day to day 24 hour emergency contact.

Whether it be a 3 night booking for 1 member of staff or longer term 6 month bookings for a complete team of personnel we can offer all different types of accommodation on a self-catering basis meaning they can enjoy a home from home experience with home comforts whilst having to stay away for work.

We carefully select services, products and partners to ensure that your Jackwood Travel experience is the best it can possibly be. Contact us today on +44 (0)1843 606028 to allow us to introduce you to the Jackwood Travel experience.